Teaching and Support Staff Assignments

2017-2018 Staff

With a welcome to Mrs. Harris and Mrs. Smith in their first year at Pipestone School

Mr. Kevin Gibson:  Principal

ECS - Mrs. Colleen Holtby (kindergarten is half-time) 12 students 

Grade 1/2 Combined - Mrs. Leonora Benson 22 students

Grade 3/4 Combined - Mrs. Stacey Fiveland 21 students

Grade 5/6 Combined - Mrs. Anjuli Phillips 26 students

Learning Support - Mrs. Donna Mantai (half-time)

Education Assistants - Mrs. Corei Schmidt, Mrs. Tamara Vos, Mrs. Chenelle McDevitt

Administrative Assistant - Mrs. Renee Harris

Custodian - Mrs. Monica Huber

Family School Liaison - Mrs. Christie Dewald

Library and Learning Assistant - Mrs. Vivian Smith